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Kitchen Remodelling

It’s no longer the traditional living area that’s the primary room in many UK households. The kitchen has overtaken it in the popularity stakes and is no longer solely reserved for cooking the daily family meal. Create a setting fit for a consistently combination of elegant dining and comfortable lounging with our magnificent and innovative kitchen solutions. Read more

Bathroom Remodelling

It is important to feel an instant feel of relaxation upon entering your bathroom. You will only witness such an atmosphere when you have the prettiest fixtures and fittings in a style that’s bang on trend. The colour scheme within the bathroom also needs to be on point, so update it if your current decor looks out of date. Read more

Commercial Space Reimagined

You would be surprised how big of an influence the appearance of your commercial space can have on customers and clients. Stay ahead of the game in your chosen field of business by having your commercial space reimagined in a style befitting of your brand. First impressions are everything in business and you need to create a positive one. Read more

Eco-Friendly Construction

Granite Transformations Reading is always respectful of the environment when developing its highly eclectic range of kitchen and bathroom products. Everything that comes off our production line has been fashioned using very hi-tech machinery that puts minimum strain on the planet’s health and invaluable resources. Read more