Granite Transformations Reading – the cost-effective way to improve your home

Most traditional kitchen and bathrooms designs have a shelf-life. As time progresses, what was originally a fresh new kitchen or bathroom design can begin to look tired and out-dated. Keeping both rooms on trend is vitally important if you want the inside of your home to remain contemporary looking. However, a total re-design comes at a cost; one that many people can ill-afford to splash out on. Granite Transformations offers an alternative and inexpensive solution in the form of replacement work surfaces, cabinet doors and tiles. Rather than start from scratch, we will utilise and improve your existing kitchen and bathroom units and fittings by applying a totally new finish to leave them looking as good as new. We can give you the kitchen or bathroom you’ve always aspired to own.

Done in a Day, Beautiful for Life!™

How it Works

Give your kitchen or bathroom the gorgeous look it deserves and the messy demolition caused by the installation of ordinary countertop surfaces.